Laser etching, laser marking and laser engraving provide a permanent message on an in-process or finished component. We can laser etch text, serial numbers, part numbers, company logos, bar codes, QR Codes, ID matrix codes or 2D codes on all silicon wafer diameters. We also can perform this on plain, painted, anodized, or plated metal surfaces, whether they are flat sheets, curved surfaces, or cylinders.

Laser engraving also produces very high quality permanent marks on most glass materials. A character as small as 0.010 inch and as large as 12 inches can be marked with our laser systems.

SEMI OCR font provides a simple solution for laser-marking alphanumeric data on the front surface of wafers and allows automatic Optical Character Reading (OCR). 

OCR font is designed in full compliance with SEMI M12/M13-1103 standard, which specifies the shapes and dimensions of 26 alpha characters, 10 numeral characters, dash and period and SEMI font.